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Title Date Description
Practice Experiences in Energy & Resources Law
May-2022 A young professionals session where senior legal professionals share their knowledge and experiences working in different legal settings - in private practice, government and in-house.
YPC 101: Taxation implications in the clean energy transition
April-2022 YPC 101 series, Oliver Radan will host Dr Craig Bowie's talk on taxation implications in the clean energy transition. As the global shift to renewable energy continues to gain momentum, clean energy investment and low emissions research has become more prevalent than ever in the energy and resources sector. Dr Craig Bowie, special counsel at Minter Ellison in Brisbane, and a specialist in corporate taxation within the energy and resources sector will present on taxation implications arising out of the clean energy transition, focussing on potential developments and practical applications (including the R&D Tax Incentive).
Ethics Addressing the intangible problems of ethical dilemmas
March 2022 Ethical behaviour is one of the hallmarks of the legal profession.  This session will provide practitioners with a refresher on legal ethics in the context of energy and resources law
YPC 101: Critical Minerals In Australia
March 2022 First webinar in the Young Professional Committee (YPC) 101 series, Dr Carl Spandler, Associate Professor and Director of the Australian Critical Minerals Research Centre at the University of Adelaide, provides his expert insights and experience into the growing importance of critical minerals and critical minerals research in Australia, and what this research means for the Australian minerals and resources industry and economy.
High Court’s Mineralogy decisions: battles and war
October 2021 Webinar about High Court’s (13 Oct 2021) decisions on WA Mineralogy legislation
Cyber security and the resources sector
September 2021 Webinar about cyber security in the resources sector.
The Impact of China's Global Relationships on Australian Energy and Resource Companies
September 2021 The Australia-China relationship continues to be dominated by global geopolitical and strategic concerns. Cory Davie, Managing Partner, Control Risks Australia Pacific, will look at China’s relationship with the world, including the US/China tensions, and discuss how it impacts Australia-China relations. She will help you understand how these geopolitical shifts affect operations, partnerships and suppliers of Australian energy and resource companies.
Key trends in the oil and gas/LNG industry (Asia Pacific)
August 2021 During this online panel discussion, our experienced panellists will explore key trends affecting the oil and gas industry and make some predictions about what those trends might mean for the future.
The Renewables Horizon: Trends & Opportunities for Australia
August 2021 In this seminar we will look ahead to emerging trends and opportunities for the Australian renewables sector and what we can learn from developments abroad
The effect of U.S. climate change policy on natural resources sector in Asia-Pacific
August 2021 In this webinar speakers will address the nature and extent of the changes in the policy, their impact on the Asia-Pacific region at a geopolitical level and on the natural resources sector in particular