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Title Date Description
Introduction to the Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan
September 2022 The Department of Resources recently announced its Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan setting out the Queensland Government’s 30-year vision to be to be a resilient, responsible and sustainable resources industry that grows as it transforms into 2050
Renewable Energy Technical Insights
September 2022 Stephen Hinchcliffe (Mott Macdonald,Energy Advisory Leader, APAC and ANZ) will come and speak about "Renewable Energy: Technical Insights" covering: high level observations on 'energy crisis' network loss factors constraints and system strength.
The Impact of China's Global Relationships on Australian Energy and Resource Companies
September 2021 The Australia-China relationship continues to be dominated by global geopolitical and strategic concerns. Cory Davie, Managing Partner, Control Risks Australia Pacific, will look at China’s relationship with the world, including the US/China tensions, and discuss how it impacts Australia-China relations. She will help you understand how these geopolitical shifts affect operations, partnerships and suppliers of Australian energy and resource companies.
Cyber security and the resources sector
September 2021 Webinar about cyber security in the resources sector.
Commodities Trading 101: The Life Cycle of Physical Commodities
September 2020 Join us online as we run a ‘101’ session on commodities trading, by taking us through the global life cycle of a select number of physical commodities, including consideration of the impact of various different geographical and legal boundaries on this industry (e.g. place of production through to load port / terminal, shipping through national and international waters, trading through a producer’s marketing and sales arm, arrival at destination port / terminal, inland transportation, and end use).
Petroleum Asset Sale and Farm-In Agreements Masterclass
September 2020 This petroleum contract masterclass session will examine the key rights and obligations, risk allocations, and the alternative and optional clauses of petroleum asset sale agreements and farm-in agreements
High Court’s Mineralogy decisions: battles and war
October 2021 Webinar about High Court’s (13 Oct 2021) decisions on WA Mineralogy legislation
NSW Contract Breach
November 2023 Delve into diverse contract termination strategies, exploring mutual agreements, breaches, and the impact of external factors. Uncover a panorama of remedies, from compensatory damages to equitable solutions like specific performance. Understand the art of rescission for strategic advantage.
Legal Ethics in Energy and Resources Law
November 2020 Ethical behaviour is one of the hallmarks of the legal profession. This webinar will provide practitioners with a refresher on legal ethics in the context of energy and resources law.
Practice Experiences in Energy & Resources Law
May-2022 A young professionals session where senior legal professionals share their knowledge and experiences working in different legal settings - in private practice, government and in-house.