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Title Date Description
Young Professionals: Understanding Oil & Gas Markets
June 2020 Hosted by AMPLA's Young Professional National Committee, this session explains how oil and gas markets operate, provides an overview of market conditions and discusses trends going forward.
Market Insights: Could a “GameStop short squeeze” event happen in Australia?
March 2021 How to prepare your company for social media fuelled price bubbles. 1. details why stock in GameStop (the parent company of Australia’s EB Games) rocketed in early-mid January 2021 from less than US$20 each to an all-time intraday high of US$483; 2. discusses whether a similar “short squeeze” could happen in Australia; and outlines some tips and tricks to prepare companies that may find themselves the focus of a social media fuelled buying frenzy.
Clifford Chance National Partnership Program: Climate Change In A Post-Covid World
August 2020 In partnership with Clifford Chance, AMPLA is pleased to present this session looking at how economic recovery could be linked with tackling climate change, including through green stimulus packages and encouraging investment in renewable energy or energy efficiency projects.
KPMG National Partnership Program: Fraud in the new working world
February 2021 In partnership with KPMG, AMPLA is pleased to present this session on Fraud in the new working world. The working environment in corporate Australia has changed. Fraud and corruption is a growing concern where COVID has disrupted business processes and controls and working from home is more prominent than ever before.
The Renewables Horizon: Trends & Opportunities for Australia
August 2021 In this seminar we will look ahead to emerging trends and opportunities for the Australian renewables sector and what we can learn from developments abroad
Electricity Retailers: Challenges and Changes - with Tango Energy
July 2020 In this session, AMPLA Victoria Committee members Nick Li, Director, PwC Legal and Andrew Brookes, Principal, Hive Legal will host an interactive discussion with Domenic Capomolla, CEO of Tango Energy. During this session, we'll discuss with Domenic his experience in leading Tango Energy and other electricity retailers, the aspirations and goals of Tango Energy and its owner Pacific Hydro, the challenges facing start-up retailers like Tango Energy, and how regulatory and technological changes are transforming the electricity retail sector.
The effect of U.S. climate change policy on natural resources sector in Asia-Pacific
August 2021 In this webinar speakers will address the nature and extent of the changes in the policy, their impact on the Asia-Pacific region at a geopolitical level and on the natural resources sector in particular
AMPLA-Chile: New Markets & New Frontiers
March 2021 Join our Chilean energy and resources professionals and our colleagues from Australia as we discuss "New Markets and New Frontiers". Our speakers Clara Bowman, General Manager, AME, Rafael Vergara, Partner, Carey & Cía, Professor of Mining Law, Gavin Scott, Partner, Norton Rose Fullbright Australia will share their expertise and insights on: -“Co-opetition” in Large Scale Hydrogen Developments: Chile and Australia - Current trends in mining exploration and exploitation in Chile - Best practice stakeholder engagement with Indigenous communities - legal and industry trends
Commodities Trading 101: The Life Cycle of Physical Commodities
September 2020 Join us online as we run a ‘101’ session on commodities trading, by taking us through the global life cycle of a select number of physical commodities, including consideration of the impact of various different geographical and legal boundaries on this industry (e.g. place of production through to load port / terminal, shipping through national and international waters, trading through a producer’s marketing and sales arm, arrival at destination port / terminal, inland transportation, and end use).
How to build a brand on social media in 2022
July 2022 Our moderated panel will approach the question of social media best practice based on their experience in top tier law firms and the energy industry. The session will also offer tips and tricks on how lawyers of all levels can use social media to market yourself, get your message out and be more effective with pitches. ​ The panel will be hosted by Jess Dyer, General Counsel & Company Secretary at Alinta Energy. Our panel comprises: Naomi Sussman, Marketing Manager at MinterEllison (along with Adam Lovell, Social Media and Digital Marketing Consultant at MinterEllison)