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The Impact of China's Global Relationships on Australian Energy and Resource Companies
September 2021 The Australia-China relationship continues to be dominated by global geopolitical and strategic concerns. Cory Davie, Managing Partner, Control Risks Australia Pacific, will look at China’s relationship with the world, including the US/China tensions, and discuss how it impacts Australia-China relations. She will help you understand how these geopolitical shifts affect operations, partnerships and suppliers of Australian energy and resource companies.
Key trends in the oil and gas/LNG industry (Asia Pacific)
August 2021 During this online panel discussion, our experienced panellists will explore key trends affecting the oil and gas industry and make some predictions about what those trends might mean for the future.
The Renewables Horizon: Trends & Opportunities for Australia
August 2021 In this seminar we will look ahead to emerging trends and opportunities for the Australian renewables sector and what we can learn from developments abroad
The effect of U.S. climate change policy on natural resources sector in Asia-Pacific
August 2021 In this webinar speakers will address the nature and extent of the changes in the policy, their impact on the Asia-Pacific region at a geopolitical level and on the natural resources sector in particular
The Decarbonisation Journey for Oil and Gas
July 2021 A select group of oil and gas industry professionals about what they see as the key points in plotting a course for the oil and gas industry’s journey to a low carbon future. With panellists including oil and gas industry leaders the discussion will explore a number of topics including energy transition investment, developments in the low carbon LNG market, Green LNG and more.
Tributación Minera. Experiencias de Chile y Australia. Mining Taxation Talk. Chile and Australian Experiences
July 2021 Con motivo de un proyecto de ley en Chile que establece un nuevo royalty aplicable a la minería, en este webinar se revisarán aquellos cambios, teniendo como contexto la realidad tributaria minera Australiana. (This session will explore the new Chilean mining tax bill and reflect on what Australia and Chile learn from their experiences)
AMPLA-Chile: New Markets & New Frontiers
March 2021 Join our Chilean energy and resources professionals and our colleagues from Australia as we discuss "New Markets and New Frontiers". Our speakers Clara Bowman, General Manager, AME, Rafael Vergara, Partner, Carey & Cía, Professor of Mining Law, Gavin Scott, Partner, Norton Rose Fullbright Australia will share their expertise and insights on: -“Co-opetition” in Large Scale Hydrogen Developments: Chile and Australia - Current trends in mining exploration and exploitation in Chile - Best practice stakeholder engagement with Indigenous communities - legal and industry trends
Battery Day: Legal and Commercial Issues in large-scale batteries
March 2021 There is increasing investment in large-scale batteries in the NEM. For instance, the Victorian Government announced in late 2020 that it is planning to install a 300MW/450MWh battery in Moorabool Terminal Station in Geelong. In early 2021, Origin unveiled plans to build a 700MW battery at its coal-fired power plant in Eraring, NSW. This session explores the legal and commercial issues in such large-scale batteries. Greg Billman, Executive Director, Australia and New Zealand, Habitat Energy, will discuss the optimisation and trading services offered by Habitat Energy in making merchant battery storage investable at scale. Peter Nelson, Principal, Nelson Derham Law, will discuss the typical regulatory issues in connecting large scale batteries to the NEM. Finally, Daniel Nugent, Portfolio Development Leader, EnergyAustralia will discuss Energy Australia’s experience in the Ballarat Energy Storage System – a 30MW / 30MWh grid connected battery located at the Ballarat electricity station.
Market Insights: Could a “GameStop short squeeze” event happen in Australia?
March 2021 How to prepare your company for social media fuelled price bubbles. 1. details why stock in GameStop (the parent company of Australia’s EB Games) rocketed in early-mid January 2021 from less than US$20 each to an all-time intraday high of US$483; 2. discusses whether a similar “short squeeze” could happen in Australia; and outlines some tips and tricks to prepare companies that may find themselves the focus of a social media fuelled buying frenzy.
Right to Information and the Resources Sector - Friend or Foe?
March 2021 This webinar will covers use of the right to information framework, it raises two key questions for members of AMPLA: how can resource companies protect sensitive information from being accessed through the right to information channels and is there a way for our clients to use the right to information framework to their advantage?