For full-time students, academics (or professional practitioners who’ve retired from practice)


For legal practitioners and industry professionals with 6 or more years’ industry experience

Young Professional

For graduates, legal practitioners and industry professionals with less than 6 years’ industry experience (post-admission/qualification)

Corporate Account

For businesses and organisations interested in the energy, resources and renewables industries

Associates $25 / Young Professionals $75 / Professionals $150
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Corporate Accounts
Corporate Account $200 (includes one Professional) / Professionals $75 / Young Professional-unlimited amount and $free to join!
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Subscription period: 1 year, on: January 1st

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► Learn from experts across a range of legal and technical disciplines
► Get insights into the latest industry changes through ENERGY & RESOURCES LAW seminars, conferences and events held in Australia.
► Be informed about up-to-the-minute industry knowledge and insights
► All virtual events FREE for all members


► Be supported through our professional development program
► Build and strengthen your networks 
► Gain the confidence to take your career to the next level
► Share experiences in a professional, collegiate environment
► Get invaluable support from peers and colleagues
► Meet likeminded people and have fun!


Associate membership is for full-time academics, full-time under-graduate and postgraduate students, and professional members who retire from practice. Individuals must submit documentation to support full-time academic or student status. Professional members retiring from practice should contact to arrange for their membership to be updated.

Associate membership fee: $25 AUD.

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Professional membership is for legal practitioners (>6 years PQE) and other industry professionals.

Professional membership fee: $150 AUD.

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Young Professional

Young Professional membership is for graduates (within the first year of graduation and not yet admitted to practice); Legal practitioners with less than 6 years’ experience (post-admission/qualification); and other industry professionals with less than 6 years demonstrated industry experience. Individuals must submit documentation to support their membership application.

Young Professional membership fee: $75 AUD.

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Corporate Accounts

Corporate accounts are available for business and organisations with an interest in the energy, resources and renewables industry. The corporate account fee (renewed annually) includes one Professional membership and allows any employee of the business to access discounted rates for Professional membership. Young Professionals receive free membership under a corporate account. There are no limits on the number of members who can join a corporate account, and the eligibility is verified by the email domain for the business/organisation.

Corporate Account fee: $200 AUD including one Professional membership
Corporate Account Rates:
Professional membership: $75 AUD 
Young Professional membership: $0 AUD (FREE)


Email us at you would like to establish a Corporate Account

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Who is eligible for Energy & Resources Law membership?

Eligibility for membership covers all organisations and people with an interest in energy, resources and renewables law including:

·         Government departments, agencies and regulators

·         Universities

·         Energy, Resources and Renewables Business

·         Law Firms

·         Barristers

·         Lawyers working in energy, resources or renewables

·         Professionals with an interest in energy, resources and renewables law

·         Students


Do I qualify for discounted membership rates? 

If you are a full-time student or academic, you qualify for Associate Membership. If you are a graduate, legal practitioner admitted for less than 6 years, or industry professional with less than 6 years industry experience you qualify for Young Professional Membership. If your employer has a Corporate Account with us, you will qualify for the Corporate discount on Professional and Young Professional membership.


When will my membership begin and how long does it run for?

All memberships commence from the date they are approved and expire on the 31st of December annually. Existing members have until 28th February to renew their membership, before their access lapses, and they lose their continuous membership.


How do I join my local branch of Energy & Resources Law?

When you join Energy & Resources Law you automatically gain access to your branch activities and communications. The Branch committee will be looking forward to welcoming you aboard!


I’m not a lawyer but I’m interested in the legal aspects of energy, resources and renewables law – can I join?

Yes. Young Professional and Professional membership is available to individual professionals interested in Energy & Resources Law.


How can I tell if my organisation has a corporate account?

If your organisation holds a corporate account, the discounted rates will automatically be applied during the sign-up process. Simply ensure you select them from the ‘Company’ drop-down menu, and use your work email address during the sign-up process. If you cannot find your organisation listed but believe they do hold a corporate account please contact our membership team.


As an employee of a corporate account holder, how do I access the benefits associated with corporate membership?

To join or renew your membership with the corporate account rates, simply ensure you select them from the ‘Company’ drop-down menu and use your work email address during the sign-up process.


If I leave my current employment does my membership travel with me?

If you hold an individual Associate, Professional or Young Professional membership, not associated with a Corporate account, your membership stays with you.


If your membership is attached to a Corporate Account, you can either upgrade to an individual membership (pro-rated for the remaining year), or if your new employer has a Corporate account, there’s a small fee to transfer your membership.


One of our employees in our corporate account is leaving, can we replace their membership?

If the new employee has an existing membership elsewhere, there’s a small fee to transfer it. If the new employee doesn’t have an existing membership, they can join at the pro-rated rate for the remainder of the year.

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