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What law firms and in-house legal are doing to combat the threat of coronavirus

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is drastically changing how we live, work and even play. For law firms and in-house legal practitioners, that means balancing the concerns of your clients with safeguarding your own staff.  In some ways, small firms have an advantage over their larger counterparts. Moving to remote or online work is simpler with fewer moving parts to accommodate. On the other hand, it can be challenging to meet the increased needs of your clients at this anxious time. For in-house legal services, the size of the challenge becomes one of risk management for their organisation. But even those with strong governance and business continuity plans in place are struggling to manage many of the unprecedented issues they’re facing today. 


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The impact of coronavirus on the energy and resources industry

The last few weeks have seen the world face an unprecedented disruption with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). First reported in China, we’re now seeing many countries shutting down for periods of time to try to contain the spread of the virus. Australia is facing a particularly difficult year given the bushfires that ravaged the country recently. Now with COVID-19 adding to the pain, the energy and resources industry is being impacted in several ways outlined below.

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March Board Update

From the Chair and Executive Director

AMPLA is closely monitoring developments and advice from both Federal and State Governments regarding the COVID-19 virus.  Given the extraordinary circumstances, we wanted to reach out personally to our members, to provide an update on the changes AMPLA is making to keep our members, guests and staff safe and well, and to ensure the continued delivery of our member services.